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Beehive Games is an independent Games Developer based in London,UK making games for all platforms. After releasing our first few titles on PC, Console and Web platforms, we are now hard at work creating our biggest game yet. 

Stay tuned for more info, but in the mean time, have a go at some of our current games!

Storm Ship Shiro: True Pilot Edition

When your world is destroyed there is only one thing you can do. Survive. Take control of the Shiro and fight through the Plume armada.

A pixel-art retro space shooter


A holiday to try and fix a broken relationship goes horribly wrong when the couple realize that there is something evil in the forest that has no intention of letting them leave. Find your other half in the forest and get back to the car or face being trapped forever in the Devilwood.

Devilwood is a voxel horror game that makes heavy use of stereo sound and light. Use your ears to listen for things around you and turn off your torch to avoid being seen.

Supports Xbox 360/Xbox One Controller and is compatible with the Linx 8 Tablet with Controller Add On



Stern To

Park your boat backwards into a space as quickly as you can without crashing!

“Most fun I’ve had trying to slot an unwieldy vessel into a tight space since university”

“Hardest and most frustrating games I’ve played, but I had fun.”

“Easy to pick up, super fun!”

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